Tell me about GripTV...

Back in the day, like 2015 or so, I got partnered on twitch. Every partnered streamer gets access to a twitch "team" page. A dedicated twitch page where you can have multiple twitch streamers all on one site. 

So I wanted to put it to good use, Jimmy Broadbent and I decided to create a twitch streamer community where we could combine forces to build an online community around sim-racing. So we found some of our favorite streamers on twitch and asked them to come aboard. At first we scheduled our stream times to not stream over each other and we did a lot of "transitions" where for example, jimmy would stream in the mornings and then I would stream in the afternoons, this way we didn't thin out the viewers and keep the numbers up on our streams. 

Remember, back in the day almost nobody streamed iracing on twitch, and almost nobody watched iracing on twitch. So we tried our best to maximize viewers to our streams. It actually worked out pretty well for a while, and more and more viewers came to our streams and became part of the community. 

We also got into broadcasts, Judson Koehn came on-board to commentate and we put on some pretty sweet broadcasts of official road races on iracing, the lotus 79 races where my favorite.

We also did "hangouts" basically podcasts, featuring the griptv streamers. We would talk about all sorts of stuff, read chat, and mostly just hangout and talk sim-racing. It was a lot of fun and I think it helped bring the community together. 

As the years went on, we added streamers, dropped streamers, did some hangouts, etc.

Iracing on twitch really started to blow up and more and more viewers were watching all of our streams, the plan was working! It was all coming together! We were really loving it!

At some point, jimmy moved to youtube, the hangouts kinda petered off, and the broadcasts basically came to a halt. 

Since GripTV was never suppose to be a racing team, the collaborations became fewer and fewer, not to say it was a bad thing, I think most of us just focused more on our own streams and ya know life gets in the way too sometimes.

Anyways, around 2020 during the lockdowns is when iracing on twitch really blew up, we're talking thousands of viewers watching dozens and dozens of streams. 

So basically I attribute iracing's meteoric rise on twitch directly to GripTV's success! LOL

Just kidding, but look, GripTV served its purpose when it was needed the most and the community out grew it, this is a good thing! The story of GripTV is one of SUCCESS! 

I'm proud of the work the other streamers and myself put into it and I contribute a large portion of the sim-racing community due to all that hard work. 

Thank you all for your support since the beginning, YOU are the reason the community exists and is thriving!