How to bet

Once the "gridding" process begins the bets are open! 

If you think I am going to win, type:                    !bet win all

If you think I am going to place top 5, type:       !bet top5 3000

If you think I am going to just finish, type:          !bet finish half

If you think I am going to crash, type:                 !bet crash 1000

A win is a win

A top5 is 2nd-5th

A finish is 6th-last (I have to finish the race)

A crash is if the tow truck is called, or if I lose connection,

or Alt-F4, etc. If I crash and drive to the pits and fix it and

continue, it does not count as a crash since I finished the race.

You can !bet win (all) !bet win (200) !bet win (2739) etc.

Once the green flag waves the multiplier starts to go down, so the earlier you bet

the more you can earn, you have up until the halfway mark in the race to place your bet.

You can check your balance by typing: !bet amount

It's totally free for anybody watching as long as you can type in chat you can play!
Whoever is on top of the bet leaderboard at the end of a pre-determined amount of time

(1-3 weeks) a winner will be announced and receive a $15 iRacing gift card.

There is a "sore-winner" clause, which means if you have millions of turkey legs you are

restricted to only bet half and/or all.

Good luck betting! 

If someone you know has a gambling addiction, tell them to watch MattMalone on twitch!