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"iRacing is the most fun you can have online"

- Matt Malone

I joined iRacing on April 8th 2013,
I still remember jumping into a mazda MX-5 at Lime Rock Park, pulling out of the pits for the very first time and realizing that this damn game is a real simulator! I couldn't believe it! I came from Forza 4, so you can imagine the shock I was in when I experienced iRacing for the first time. I got my first win there at Lime Rock Park and I knew that iRacing was gonna be part of my life moving forward. 

If you are looking for a realistic racing game with the best online experience, then you gotta try iRacing! Yes, it's a bit expensive, but you can justify it by treating like a hobby instead of a video game.

iRacing has 4 major updates per year, they are constantly improving the physics, tires, content, tracks, etc. And always adding new content and sim features. My sense is that it truly is a labor of love from the developers and everyone that works there. 

Shout out to John Henry for bank-rolling this project when it first got started even though they didn't pull a profit till years later, lol

If you are interested in signing up to iracing for the very first time then google some promo codes, they always got something going on to get you in at a low cost, then just like buying crack, you'll be back for more!