February 12th - Bathurst 12hour SOLO

In April of last year, I lost my life-long best friend Mike to a secret battle with mental health. We met in the late 90’s on the high school golf team and had been in a close-knit group of friends ever since. We’ve regularly golfed, vacationed together, and even stood up in each of our weddings through the years. I understand how blessed I am to have such close friends.

Over the past 6 years Mike organized an annual Guy's Golf Trip. It was months of researching, organizing, scheduling, collecting funds, and all of those little details! He really went out of his way to pick out great places to stay and fill our days on the course and rally us all competitively through championship standings and side-games. I know it was his way of showing love to his friends and enjoy our time together. Now these trips will become a way to honor Mike’s legacy.

He was the guy to bring everyone together and even while he is gone, he still manages to do it.

I want to do something really special for the guys this year as we try to fill the huge void Mike has left and match his expectations of a memorable weekend.  Any donations collected will contribute to this year's trip to help all of the guys attending. Thank you for unburdening some of our stress and understanding the value of good friends.

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Mike Mobile 1983-2021

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