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Matt Malone

Subathon details...

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Subathon May 8th
To celebrate FULL TIME streaming, we are doing a SUBATHON! 
Dual streaming on twitch and youtube, morning to night until the timer runs out.
Add time to the counter to keep the stream live!
MILESTONES are a sum of both twitch subscribers and youtube members
Gifted Sub: 30 seconds
Prime Sub: 30 seconds
Tier 1 Sub: 30 seconds
Tier 2 Sub: 1 minute
Tier 3 Sub: 3 minutes
Bits: 0.15 second/bit
Raids: 0.25 seconds/viewer
Follows: 7 seconds
Member: 30 seconds
Subscriber: 15 seconds
No particular order
  • Samantha Races (completed)
  • Wreck a steward! (Hosted with Nim Cross) (completed)
  • Joyride a Model T Depot Hack (completed)
  • Asetek Gear raffle (twitch only) (completed)
  • Shave my mustache (10,000 twitch subs)
  • Do a race as Asetek Man
  • Golf range with Curt (in the works)
  • Kettle corn cooking stream
  • Blind-folded race with Samantha
  • GripTV Hosted Races
  • Leg waxing
  • Giveaway GT Omega Prime Racing Rig (US only) (completed)
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What to expect during SUBATHON:
Lot's of iRacing, official races, hosted, special events etc.
Some IRL stuff, eating, hanging out, playing with the kids, relaxing, chatting, mowing the grass and other day to day stuff!
Giveaways! iRacing credits, Asetek Gear, and other stuff! (raffle will be open for the entire subathon, you only have to enter once and you're good for the whole event - twitch only)
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