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How to bet (twitch only)
Use "!bet win 100" to make a bet.
Syntax "!bet type amount"
Type = win | top5 | finish | crash, amount = 100 | 1k | 18.2k | 1m | half | all.
Use "!bet amount" to check your account. Use "!bet stats" to see leaderboard.
You can make only one bet per race.
If driver wins and you bet top5, you don't win.
You start with 1,000. If you drop to 0 you get back 1,000

Type '!bet amount' to see how many points you have.

Most common bets:
!bet crash all
!bet top5 all
!bet win all
!bet finish all

A win bet (!bet win all) is first place
A top5 bet (!bet top5 all) is 2nd place through 5th place
A finish bet (!bet finish all) is 6th place through last place
A crash bet (!bet crash all) is if I call the tow truck/Alt-F4/game crash/etc If I go to the pits after an on track "accident" and get my car repaired this is NOT a "crash"

Good Luck, its just for fun, but the winner after so many days or weeks receives an iRacing Credit of $20
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